Premier Networking

Providing unparallelled access to many new connections.

Networking in Sussex is being revolutionised. With a fresh, new style and fun theme to revitalise marketing, our annual Network Xpress expo will transform your marketing strategies and tactics so you can enjoy the benefits of economic growth and provide a platform to connect with up to 70 other business owners.

Net XP NetworkingOur annual business marketing events are the perfect opportunity to meet a number of businesses while playing fun networking games in a relaxed atmosphere. This innovative networking solution for Sussex was brought to life by Sonny Cutting who has observed businesses in action over many years.

He realised that whilst networking is a vital part of any business, not everyone enjoys doing it. He also added: “By having a game people can get involved in we hope to break down barriers to allow business owners to interact in a less formal and more entertaining setting, to appeal to even those who aren’t confident with networking.”

We believe that business networking should be about sharing; knowledge, contacts, or even a trade swap. We encourage our networkers to be open and honest about their businesses. You only get what you put into your networking, so if you are willing to offer advice to others, they may well be able to help you with business problems you are facing yourself.

We are proud to have opened wide B2B marketing channels and hope to show the real power of networking in marketing, on a whole new scale.