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We strive for excellence, delivering our services to a wide range of industry areas, this is no more important than with our professional App design.

Special thanks to Focus All Media for the APP.

Net XP, Network Xpress is a successful business tradeshow and conferencing company which started out as a mini expo event in August 2015. Created by Sonny Cutting of Sussex Pages, he developed his business marketing into an original concept to support growth for local companies with a new fun style of networking. The idea sprung from a networking event in Haywards Heath where Sonny realised that there was a gap in the market; local businesses could benefit massively from coming together, both online and offline. Net XP was created and it has developed from there.

The APP development process was tendered out to 2 local companies and we decided to work with Focus All Media as they seemed to understand what it was that we were trying to achieve in the short to long term, and they were happy to change the App to suit our needs.

 Any questions on our App development should be directed via our contact page, we reply within 72 hours.


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