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Welcome to the Net XP Games centre. We're updating this website page to include a brand new section for WINNERS and CHALLENGERS of the Quiz Centre. For now fill in your details to the right, choose a quiz PDF and we'll email it to you.

Business networking can be important to a successful sales and marketing programme, especially for B2B enterprises that work with relatively few high-value clients. Yet the prospect of attending a networking event can conjure up feelings of apprehension, stress and even resentment. Event organisers need to change the game and inspiration could come from a psychology-based trend making waves across the business world called gamification.

Beyond its buzzword credentials, gamification has earned its place as a powerful business principle, transforming a range of sectors from fitness to military recruitment. Introducing game elements into a non-game setting works by triggering powerful human emotions such as intrigue, competitiveness and excitement. New ways of applying this simple but effective methodology are continually being found and business networking is just one of the many fields that could benefit.

In 2020 we're hoping to find an investor to make this section much more engaging with a fully interactive points system which will enable badges, points and prizes to be totalled up every month automatically.