The Tiger’s Pen

This is where the Tiger’s Pen steps up on the Brighter Business Path.

As an avid viewer of the BBC programme Dragon’s Den, and the show’s original inspiration Shark Tank, Sonny knew how critical investment could be to businesses. Later whilst playing with his kids up on the Sussex Downs, surrounded by the beautiful countryside views of rolling hills and views out to the sea, Sonny suddenly had an epiphany.

His already vibrant orange branding, a personal love for tigers and a thrill from his experience as a ‘Dragon’, gave way to a ‘bigger picture’ idea.

What if we could provide a platform for start-ups in Brighton and the wider Sussex region that provides funding and mentorship?

And so, the Tiger’s Pen was born. Designed for start-ups looking for investment and some extra advice from Tigers who have been there before them, the Tiger’s Pen is for energetic entrepreneurs to pitch their magic ideas to experienced investors.

In 2023, 5 start-ups pitched at the Sussex Business Show on September 28th, 2023 – Fliss Lewis of WOOL SHReD on the right won the Best Pitch Award and had lunch with the investors.

Pen Entrants

Along with the start-up event, Sonny also works as an Enterprise Ambassador for the University of Brighton, to help and support students and tutors with entrepreneurs talks.

He was honoured to be invited by Pete Baikins, creator of Gamification+, to Brighton University to be a ‘Dragon’ alongside other business-minded individuals. Students would pitch their business plans for investment opportunities and mentorship opportunities.

Sonny managed to test run the pen with Pete Baikin’s help at Brighton University, with students pitching business ideas ranging from women’s bamboo lingerie, a high-end bedside table and lamp which doubled up with USB adapters, to an app which helped people in night clubs. All innovative and clever concepts from the minds of student entrepreneurs from the university.

The Pen is designed for start-ups looking for investment, and for students at universities or Colleges looking at starting their own businesses, to get free guidance from experienced directors who form the collective hub of The Tiger’s Pen, and can advise them in their entrepreneurial venture.

The Tiger’s Pen entry for the Sussex Business Show is free. We offer a half day of training at our offices in Hove for 6 aspiring start-ups. We explain the process of the pitch deck, how to handle questions from investors, and evaluate you to get you ready to pitch. (Training Day only available for the Sussex Business Show Pitch.)

As part of your training, you will also be given the opportunity to pitch live in front of investors at the Sussex Business Show in Brighton where you’ll be able to pitch for up to £5,000 capital investment, mentoring and best pitch of the day in the wildcard prize. Your pitch deck training will take place four weeks before the main Show. So that you have ample time to prepare, and practice on your pitch for the main event showcase.

Tiger's Pen Brighton University 2023

The final Tiger’s Pen event takes place in December 2023 with the University, so that Sonny can focus on monetising the pen and creating a wider audience.