The Sussex Business Show

Somehow we blinked and the year is behind us. Particularly when we spent most of the year building up to The Sussex Business Show!

At the end of September (which feels like a lifetime ago now), the Sussex Business Show opened its doors at the Brighton Dome and we had an unforgettable day of connections and learning. The exhibition was a success and planning is already underway for 2024.

We want to thank every one of our attendees for their time making the effort to attend and a special thank you to our keynote speakers and masterclass leaders. Without such attendance and expertise, our event would not have been the show it was. We also need to thank those whose support allows us to run – our exhibitors and sponsors partnering us for the show, particularly our headline sponsor Mayo Wynne Baxter.

Sussex Business Show 2023
Sussex Business Show 2023

The Business Show offers businesses the next stage of support on their Brighter Business Path. Once up and running and looking to advertise, business owners can choose to get a stand or attend the famous trade show run by Sonny. These trade shows come with a gamification twist. They are themed to break the ice and revolve around making networking fun.

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Our history

The evolution of the Sussex Business Show came from its roots in Sonny’s original business – Network Xpress, or Net XP. growing year on year.  But on a cold, wet day in March 2020, lockdown changed everything. The events industry took a monumental hit, as did the income of Net XP, losing 97% of revenue overnight. At this point Sonny had a choice – either close the business and get a job or do something radical and bring to the market a new style of tradeshow.

In June 2020, a conversation with a fellow business owner, Rachel of Shake It Up Creative, sparked a rebrand of Net XP to create a premier, game-themed county event, launching a new style of tradeshow with a new website and new logo. A tradeshow that would bring businesses across Sussex together at the right time.

May 5th 2022 was the chosen relaunch date. The show at the South of England Event Centre in Ardingly was a booming success with over 500 attendees.

Yet over 33% of businesses from the Ardingly event were from Brighton and Hove, making Sonny realise that Brighton was the scene to tap into. Especially with his Tiger’s Pen foothold in Brighton University and new friends in the area.

Meeting and having a chat with another good friend in business, Flo Powell of Midnight, led to the suggestion to host the 2023 Sussex Business Show at the Brighton Dome.

With a few associated risks, Sonny knew he needed to be bold to make moves with a venue that would deliver an iconic experience in a unique venue. Flo’s reassurances in that conversation sparked a courage that moved the Sussex Business Show to book the Brighton Dome and it is set to be a truly unforgettable tradeshow on the 28th of September 2023.

Those who have enjoyed exhibiting or visiting tradeshows may then be searching for sophisticated and high-level business camaraderie and support.


We look forward to seeing you at the next show on September 26th, 2024, get BOOKED in for a stand or as a guest.