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  • The East Sussex Marketing Expo - 13th May 2021 remains in Uckfield!
  • The West Sussex Tech Expo - 18th June 2020 Virtually Everywhere!
  • The Mid Sussex Business Expo - 3rd September 2020: Virtually Everywhere! A Virtual Event with Hopin
  • The Sussex Entrepreneurs Conference - 3rd December 2020: Virtually Everywhere! A Virtual Event with Hopin

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B2B Exhibitions in Sussex

Network Xpress... The Premier B2B Tradeshow Experts

Another fantastic way to stand out from the crowds is to include interactive elements to your stand. A bowl for business cards is fine - if a little over-done - but having visitors engage with your brand for extended periods will ease conversation and create a positive environment. This can be achieved through fun mini-quizzes or table-top challenges and games. Some businesses have even gone as far as to begin incorporating virtual and augmented reality into their exhibition stands, which really adds a wow factor!

Game Themed Tradeshows

Our aim is to help companies engage and collaborate.

Networking is undoubtedly one of the most divisive activities in business. Some people relish the opportunity to jump into a busy room and engage with others, while some find networking daunting and difficult. Whatever your position is, networking is without question one of the most successful ways to grow your business and serves as an opportunity to market your company, with you as its public face. Therefore, how you interact with others will affect how they view your business as a whole. So, breathe and smile!


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